My life is busy. I work as full time ladies wear designer.  I am a blogger. And I write for 2 different online platforms.  I don’t get the time to get pampered. And let’s not get into making appointments for beauty treatments! That’s the absolute worst.

Let me give you some background on my usual routine. I wash & straighten my own hair once a week. I seldom get my nails done; I am pretty much a plain paint kind of girl. And I know my make-up so I never get anyone else to do it unless it’s for a specific photo shoot or something like that. So, when I was invited to GlamCo Umhlanga to have my hair, nails, & make-up done I thought it might be cool to have someone else do all those things for me for a change.

I’m not sure what I expected before going to GlamCo, but it was a lovely & warm.  I love an environment where I can instantly feel relaxed. I usually take quite a while to warm up to people, but it was surprisingly easy. The salon in owned by a young couple & the staff too are all quite young. I just love it when I see young people like myself who are so business-minded & eager to succeed in life. It takes a huge amount of discipline to be in your early twenties running your own business. I can relate to that. My blog is my business & I know that it’s not always easy. But we do it because we strive for success.

The owners of GlamCo & me!
Now let me tell you about my day! The salon itself was intimate, but not small. There is enough space to have a few women having the hair done, about 2 people having nails done at the same time, & someone in the beauty room too. I quite like that. And it seems that is exactly what the owners want. Intimacy. Interacting with customers on a one on one basis. Knowing them by name. None of that commercial “Get in & get out” that you may experience at a bigger salon.

First up I had my nails done. I opted for black gel nails. Not my first time having a gel paint done, but very unusual for me. I love the look of black nail polish & was loving the black gel. Looked fab! The only down side to my mani, was that it was just a paint. I always prefer to have a full on manicure, hand massage & all – unless I am doing it at home of course. Personal preference perhaps.

I had my hair coloured black (as usual). My roots were my very odd brown natural hair colour before that. I love the look of black hair in winter. It’s tres hot in my opinion. I also had some extensions done. What I loved most about the extensions was that they looked natural & made my hair look so lovely & thick. And the ghd curls were fab too. I wish I had enough time to do curls like that everyday. The hairdresser Jenae didn’t use much hairspray, but the curls lasted until the next day, even after I slept!

I am super fussy when it comes to make-up. Personal branding is so important when you’re a blogger. Having someone do anything to my face is not something I take lightly lol. Anyway, we opted for a simple look. Red lips as usual – not my usual Rimmel Alarm 107, but instead a colour that was a bit lighter & brighter (not sure of brand or colour).  I wasn’t the hugest fan of the make-up, I think my everyday make-up is more me. More polished & not so basic.  


Overall I would say I had a good day at Glamco Umhlanga. They do offer other services like Waxing, Facials, massages etc.  If you want to try them out you can expect a friendly, warm environment & reasonable pricing.


Here are a few prices you may be interested in:

Professional mani R60
Eyebrow/Upper lip wax R30
Full leg wax R100
Deep cleanse facial R200
30 minute back massage R150
Blow wave R200
Full Highlights R700 (medium) & R950 (long)

So now you’ve seen how I look with no make-up. What do you think? Hahaha Im just kidding, I want to know what you think about the outcome of my pamper day? What do you think of my hair, nails & make-up? Give a girl some feedback!

If you would like to contact Glamco, they are in Umhlanga Ridge.
Telephone: 031 584 7212

Twitter: @glamcoumhlanga

HUGE kisses*