Let’s do a tight crop on Adele’s face for the cover.

Hahaha!!! My latest TWITTER discovery is shitfashioneditorsay which is basically a whole lot of super funny, and very true quotes that we can imagine the Anna Wintour’s, and Joe Zee’s of the fashion world saying. Think The Devil Wears Prada or The September Issue, except with no pictures. I’ll say no more, here are a few of my favourites from the SHITFASHIONEDITORSAY timeline. FOLLOW them NOW!!! 

…Sorry, I thought I got my intern to tweet everyday for me. Obviously not. Next intern please.
…Please don’t try and PR your labels to me. An unfinished hem is lazy, not ‘raw’.   
…Can’t believe Whitney Houston is dead. Her Queen of the Night outfit was so AMAZING. #inappropriateshitfashioneditorssay
…I’m sorry your mother is dying, but I need those photos.   
…Mules are the new wedge. #shitfashioneditorssay
…AMAZING. Basically everything is on my fall wish list!
Love these, definitely among the Top 5 on my timeline 🙂 Hope you enjoyed those!