Now that you have all submitted your #MyFabulous inspiration, showcasing your city’s unique style, it’s time we chat to the designers to find out what they have in store for the collections. I visited the studio of #MyFabulousDBN designer, Sibu Msimang, to find out how the #MyFabulousDBN collection was coming along. Firstly, Sibu’s studio is absolutely stunning. As someone whose background is design, I have always dreamed of having a studio much like Sibu’s.

As Sibu is the designer who will be designing the collection that represents our beautiful city’s style, she watched the #MyFabulousDBN hashtag very closely on Instagram. Sibu shared with me a few of your images that inspired her, not only with the clothing in the #MyFabulousDBN collection, but also for a few accessories she will be designing as an addition to the collection. Excited yet?

Sibu’s #MyFabulousDBN will be brought to life with, rich colours like those of the spices in the Victoria Street Market. I love that the spicy colours are on trend, but also that they are such flattering tones to most skin colours. The sketches Sibu shared with me are still a work in progress, but from what I saw, I already have 2 favourite pieces. Can you guess which? Sibu’s favourite item is a button-down, tailored jumpsuit that is so on trend.

The #MyFabulousDBN is still in the inception phase, but I really am excited to see what Sibu has in store for us at the Skip Fashion Exchange taking place this August. Until then, you can be sure I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the #MyFabulousDBN collection via this blog, & via Instagram @skipsouthafrica / @sibumsimang

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