Fashion bloggers wearing the trend. Atlantic Pacific (left) & Sheryl from Walk In Wonderland (right). 

Today I thought I would open up the discussion on “sliders”. I first came across these on a trending website I subscribe to at work. I simply couldn’t understand how they could possibly believe this was actually going to be a trend. Well, shock & horror – this is very much a trend. And EVERYONE (except me & maybe you) is wearing it. Now let’s just get the Birkenstock – slider thing out the way. “Sliders” have been modelled off the Birkenstock (which is actually a shoe brand). FYI Birkenstocks retail for around R1300 (for a basic pair) to R3700 (for a special pair) – I am no expert on the brand or style of sandal but I found these prices on Net-A-Porter.

Birkenstocks were once the shoe of choice for hippies. But what’s changed. Why have these sandals become so darn popular? Was it the Guardian proclaiming 2013 “The Year of The Birkenstock”, or perhaps its Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller we have to thank for raving about the Celine Spring 2013 fur-lined Birkenstocks. Ok well, she is The Man Repeller & her taste leaves much to be questioned so I guess that should have been expected, right? And if this was the shoe of 2013, why are we only seeing it now? Well, technically speaking, the trend is actually over & Vogue has named the clog as the shoe of Summer 2014. But that just means that all the early adopters of the trend are done wearing it. For the average person, & more so the average South African person (we see trends about a season or more after it’s been seen in the USA or Europe) the trend is just getting started.

What’s my verdict on the slider? I really really hate them. I contemplated getting a pair a few weeks ago because I know many of my readers would like to wear them, & more so would like to see how to wear them. But luckily I came to my senses & decided that me wearings something I truly don’t believe in isn’t what this blog is about, & simply isn’t who I am. If you like the slider, then go for it. If you intend on doing lots of walking in them – don’t purchase a cheap pair because your feet will suffer. I have seen a few comments from people who purchased cheaper pairs & said “they’re cool as long as you don’t walk in them for too long”. And just because you won’t be seeing them on my feet, doesn’t mean I can’t show you how you can wear them. I drew inspiration from a few of my favourite fashion bloggers for you to see how these sandals can be styled. And I checked out a few of my favourite retailers to show you where you can get a pair no matter your budget. So, I hope you have enjoyed this post. My opinion is exactly that “MY OPINION” & if you love your sliders then good for you! Let me know what you think of today’s post in the comments section, & tell me if you own a pair 🙂 xx

Known for wearing her comfy Birkenstocks is fashion blogger Sincerely Jules

1. Inwear at Truworths – R299 (here)
2. Country Road at Woolworths  – R549 (here)
3. Mr Price  – R69.99
4. Mr Price  – R79.99
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