Ok so Im not exactly Kate Moss’ biggest fan, but you have got to give her props for being one of the most infamous & successful models of all time. The English model is still giving the new it-models a run for their money at the age of 37. But there’s one young up-and-comer that Kate is all too happy to let take the reins – her half-sister Lottie. The only unfotunate thing about Kate’s little sister is her name! You’ve gotta be English right?! Yes, being the little sister of THE KATE MOSS will help her career, but I think she could become a great model in her own right.

Here are a sneak peak at Lottie Moss’ first ever photoshoot, shot by photographer Andrea Carter Bowman. I simply love her in these photographs!!! What do you think? Does 13 year old Lottie have what it takes?