Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. ~Bo Derek

Black Tank  + iPanema sandals ( Woolworth’s )
Denim Skirt ( Identity )
Bag ( Gift )
Body Chain, Earrings, Ring ( DIVA )

That quote from Bo Derek is too true!!! My energy levels were so low this morning, but as soon as I entered the doors of the mall I was happy. So there I was off to the mall to see the new ZARA store that just opened here in Durban. In case you don’t know about Durban, we’re super laid-back and chilled, and so is our style. My typical mall look is shorts & a T. So today was no different, a cute denim skirt & a black tank, paired with iPanema slops. And let’s not forget the body chain & cross earrings to finish off the look!!!

I die for this body chain!!! I bought it after looking at it a million different times.
You like?

I love my slops!!! And my cool earrings too!!!
Love you all!!! Thanks for your support!