Hey there to you all fabulous ladies!!!

I bring to you another installment of Miss Nina Garcia’s fabulous book, THE ONE HUNDRED. And in case you are not a regular her, this book lists the Top 100 items every stylish woman MUST own. Today I give you items 19 – 22…

#19 Charm Bracelet

I am no fan of bangles or bracelets, charmed or not. But I do remember my mom having a really nice gold charm bracelet that she loved. Many designers & jewellers offer ready-made versions of the charm bracelet, but I totally agree with Nina when she says that the best version is one that is all you. Your charms can be symbolic of people, places, and milestones; anything that is special to you.

Nina suggests having several charm bracelets, & having a theme for each one. Like perhaps one themed with places you’ve travelled. Or even one with just milestones in your life. Anyways, it could turn out to be really fun.

Juicy Couture!

#20 Clutch

I love the clutches. They are the perfect accessories for a night out on the town. I have many clutches. Different colours, materials etc. They’re great. I like ones that are small, but still big enough to fit money, my cellphone, and lipstick/lip-gloss in.

Nina suggests trying something you would otherwise not try. Like a jewelled, or metallic, or even a wooden version. Sounds fun right?! She also suggests that if you travel anywhere; look out for these, as they are not only souvenirs, but also a great addition to your accessory collection. And the bonus is that it will be unique.

Gotta love this Vivienne Westwood clutch!

#21 Cocktail Ring

This may sound funny to you, but I kind of have a finger complex. Seriously. My fingers are really spastic looking. They’re long & really thin. The only rind I ever wore, was my matric ring on my pinky finger (until I lost it); and just the other day, I purchased a few new rings because I thought I would try something new & different. Anyway, after wearing this cute little ‘peace-sign’ ring all day, I looked down to find my fingers bare.

Anyway, back to number 21 on the list. Nina says that in this case, bigger is better. So don’t be shy! Also, it’s okay to be dramatic with this item of jewellery, as it is meant to represent you, and your personality; to be a conversation starter.

I die for this Alexander McQueen cocktail ring. I love SKULLS!!!

#22 Converse

This is yet another item you will not find me dead in. Hhmmm no thanks! I just dont wear any type of takkie, ever! It just is not me. Perhaps if I start gyming I will have to be more open to these, but for now. I’ll pass!

A classic pair of Converse takkies/sneakers.
Be sure to keep checking the blog to see what’s next on the list.