Dress (LABEL Femme via Sassychic) | Belt (YDE) | Bag (H&M) | Heels (The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden)
My niece calls this The Snake Dress. It’s quite sweet actually, as she hates snakes but loves this dress (& me of course).  It’s Friday, & that means its 1 week until I leave on another work trip – this time to New York. On my first NYC trip last August, I didn’t bother with the tourist stuff; but on this trip I have 1 day free to do whatever I want, so I have been planning what I can do. I definitely want to see the MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts) & the Empire State building (I have seen it, but not been to the top); & also to have a cup of coffee in Central Park. I will hopefully get to do all this stuff & more on my free day – & even though I will be alone, I’m sure I will get enough pictures for Instagram lol.

I was actually chatting to a friend of mine about Easter which is next Sunday. Last Easter I was alone in Hong Kong, having Starbucks for lunch. This Easter, I will be in New York trending. It’s so funny how life goes, & where we find ourselves. I never dreamt that this would be my life. My job has opened me up to many possibilities, & in many ways has changed my views on so many things. To say that I was blessed or lucky would be a huge understatement. But I am really grateful for it all.

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