Avène Thermal Spring Water has fast become one of my favourite products. I have been using it for a while now, & have been pleasantly surprised by how many uses I have for it. If you’re thinking the Avène Thermal Spring Water spray is simply a hydrating facial spray or make-up priming spray – you could not be more wrong. Except that there is NO WRONG use for it!

Avène’s Thermal Spring Water spray is infused with trace elements & silicates, achieving a perfectly balanced mineral composition which is ideal for sensitive skin. It aims to soothe, soften & help restore the skin’s natural balance. Avène Thermal Spring Water spray comes in 3 sizes: 50ml, 150ml and 300ml. The 50ml spray bottle retails for R79.95 & is available exclusively to Dis-Chem. The 50ml Avène Thermal Spring Water spray bottle is perfect for travel, because it is under the 100ml limit, & is also amazing for your skin when flying. The 150ml spray bottle retails for R159.95 and the 300ml spray bottle retails for R229.95.

Here are my top uses for Avène Thermal Spring Water spray:

Morning Pick-Me-Up

After my morning facial routine cleansing, moisturising & eye cream; I then spritz the Avène Thermal Spring Water on my face & immediately feel refreshed & awake. It is also great because it acts as a primer before applying your make-up.

Itchy / Irritated Skin

My legs gets very itchy & irritated when I travel anywhere that has a drier climate to Durban. It gets so bad that I find myself scratching my legs until they burn. Avène Thermal Spring Water has been such a help because it soothes the skin on my legs & cools it down.


I love being out in the sun. I’m the type of person to sit outside at a restaurant, without an umbrella on the table. I’m basically always a little sunburnt. Avène Thermal Spring Water helps soothe sunburn, & helps ease the tenderness of the burn.

Refresh Your Make-Up

I keep the 50ml Avène Thermal Spring Water in my handbag. It is a great refresher for your face make-up. I’m sure I’m not the only one that sometimes feels her face is looking a little dull or “worn” after a few hours. I often spritz in once or twice when I’m out & about throughout the day.

Before / During / After Plane Travel 

Avène Thermal Spring Water has been a lifesaver during my recent travel to New York & Milan. You know I am a believer in in-flight skincare, & Avène Thermal Spring Water has been added to my travel skincare routine. I don’t fly with any face make-up on my face, so you will likely see me travelling with a bare face (only skincare) & some brows. I use the thermal spring water spray on my face before, during & after flying because it keeps my skin hydrated & looking luminous.

**Post is sponsored by Avène