I gave my closet a much needed clean out & I wanted to share my process with you. I also wanted to share a few tips I have for organising your closet. These could apply to clothing or shoes & handbags. As mentioned in the video, I got rid of 21 pairs of shoes & 9 handbags. 90% of what I decided to give away was in good condition. Personally I used to get caught up with keeping items because they were new or barely worn. But if you’re not using something, you should give it to someone who will use it, which is what I did. 

 Tips for Organising Your Closet: 

  1. Start with a clean workspace by removing everything.
  2. Sort by category.
  3. Eliminate as you go along. 
  4. Start arranging what you’re keeping by category or colour. 
  5. Et viola you’re complete.