Yay Topshop finally opened in Gateway, Durban! Lucky fish right?! We are finally welcoming the trend setting UK brand to the east coast. And by the picture below, it is clearly evident that the Durbanites were more than keen!!! 
I luckily didn’t have to stand in the queue that consisted of a few hundred people. And I did get to see the store before the general public so I am one absolutely fortunate young lady! 
Edcon are the retailers that have teamed up with Topshop to bring them to South Africa, and the most exciting news is that people with Edgars accounts can buy from Topshop/Topman using their Edgars card. And you can gain Thank You points too. I don’t have an Edgars card, but i think this is sooooo darn clever of Edcon. Many South Africans may avoid these international brands because without even going inside they think they cannot afford it, and so by offering great fashion on credit, they are making it more accessible. That’s why I’m crushing on Jurgen Schreiber – what a clever man!!!

Camo love & studs = Match made in Heaven

She wore blue velvet.

Hot short shorts!!!

I want all of these!!! Eek 🙂

How handsome does this shop assistant look in his suit! I love this pic 🙂

A man can never have too many T-Shirts!
This is my goodie bag contents, except for the grey dress. However, I did use my 15% off voucher to purchase the dress so technically it is apart of the goodies i received from Topshop. lol