My mother found me an interesting read in the newspaper: Verve Mag is an insert that can be found on the last Tuesday of every month in The Star, Cape Argus, Daily News, and The Pretoria News. This mag features articles on decor, shopping, food, and most importantly FASHION!

The headline featured on page 2 of Verve is titled “Is fashion earths enemy?”, and features 3 local (South African) designers: Karen Ter Morshuizen of Lunar Clothing; Craig Jacobs of Fundudzi; and Stefania Morland, who share their eco-friendly philosophies with the readers. All the mentioned designers answered ‘YES’ to the big question “Is fashion earth’s friend?” …and what do I think? I think fashion is definitely an enemy of earths.

The fashion industry broadcasts that you as a consumer have to buy more, keep up with trends, and most importantly: Don’t look like last season! And a look into most of our wardrobes confirms this. The fashion industry is not only taxing on your income, but it is also one of the least environmentally friendly industries, with textile and clothing industries leaving their carbon footprint all over the planet.So many things go into what you see in stores: enormous amounts of energy and water being used up; chemicals, and chemical waste; synthetics and plastics; and the abuse of labour in countries such as China, as I have mentioned in previous posts.

I think it is quite the challenge to be 100% eco-friendly in the fashion industry. But it doesn’t mean that we as designers can’t make sure that we tread lightly on the planet.