Today’s products from Benefit landed on my desk about a month ago. And I didn’t have time to play with them until this video (which you can watch below), but I do think that is a plus, because it’s often better to get a reaction in that first moment, than one that has been established over a period of time. Also, again I hope you are enjoying my little WHAT’S NEW series. I know it just started, but I like this, & it’s a good way for me to share most of what’s new & cool. And today’s products from BENEFIT Cosmetics are just that – COOL. they’re Real! Duo Shadow Blender & they’re Real! Double The Lip are the newest editions to the Benefit Cosmetics family. I have been in London & Dubai this past week, and both Debenhams & SEPHORA had a crazy amount of promo imagery around this launch. I was especially excited because I had the products already, SCORE!

BENEFIT they’re Real! Duo Shadow Blender 

Since filming this video, I have tried to use the BENEFIT they’re Real! Duo Shadow Blender & I am not at all fond of the blender. According to the Benefit Cosmetics website 92% of the women who tried this product said it was easy to apply. I experienced difficultly, & I’m sad I didn’t get it on camera. I couldn’t get the shadows where I wanted them to go. The actual product was great. These eyeshadow are pretty bomb. Blend-able; easy to work with & pigmented is how I would describe them. I have also taken to using some of the shadows as a replacement for highlighter. They do a fantastic job at that. The shadows vary from satin, sheen & matte finishes, which is great to suit all our needs. I tried out all 8 shades & they’re are all pretty great & fairy neutral. However, very similar to each other as well. Provocative Plum & Kinky Khaki were quite unique compared to the rest of the shadows. I quite liked Kinky Khaki. The BENEFIT they’re Real! Duo Shadow Blender retails for R345 at Red Square. However, I found the they’re Real! Big Sexy Eye Kit which contains 3 sets from the Duo Shadow range: Beyond Nude, Naughty Neutral, & Bombshell Brown. The they’re Real! Big Sexy Eye Kit retails for R545 normally but is on sale for R408.75 on the Red Square website. I think that is a great option to purchase if you want to try out the shadows & see if they are what you like. The they’re Real! Shadow Blender retails for R145 for a set of 2, but I don’t think it’s worth purchasing. As I mentioned above, I found great difficulty using it, & I consider myself to be quite experienced with make-up.

BENEFIT they’re Real! Double The Lip (lip liner & lipstick in one)

This is by far the star of today’s post. I am in love with this creamy, amazing goodness wrapped in a lipstick. I have been wearing Nude Scandal so much, its crazy. You guy’s know I am a liquid lipstick girl. But this lipstick is so great to just put on in the morning before work, & then forget about it. The perfect nude lipstick.

This lip liner & lipstick in one features a Custom Teardrop Tip that grabs and defines your lip line and fills in lips with complementing colour for the appearance of volume and dimension. – BENEFIT

I tried Criminally Coral in the video, & although it didn’t go with my eye look, I liked the shade a lot. According to BENEFIT this is an 8 hour wear lipstick. In my experience of eating & drinking (coffee) throughout my day, I did have to re-apply the lipstick at least once. However, you’re going to get that with lipsticks, even some liquid lipsticks. Overall, I LOVE this product. It is definitely one I would recommend to you, & one that I would continue to wear. The This lip liner & lipstick in one features a Custom Teardrop Tip that grabs and defines your lip line and fills in lips with complementing colour for the appearance of volume and dimension. BENEFIT they’re Real! Double The Lip full size retails for R295 via Red Square. However, there is also a mini size BENEFIT they’re Real! Double The Lip, & it retails for R145.