I filmed this What’s New from Maybelline video a little while ago, & while I planned on including swatches here on the blog; I have to tell you that even I think I did a good job on today’s post. I took full advantage of the extra time over the long weekend, & put it to good use. And here is the end result. I hope you enjoy reading & watching too, because I enjoyed putting this post together.

Be sure to watch the video & click on the images in the gallery below. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’ve worked on the site, & the gallery function is my favourite part. Click on any of the images below, & it will enlarge the image, as well as let you see my caption (essentially what I think). Enjoy!



I really enjoyed using the Maybelline Super Stay24 MakeUp-Locking Setting Spray, even though I found it to smell a little like medication. It really felt lightweight on my skin, & did a great job at keeping my make-up in place.