Gold sunnies (Spitfire) | White Peplum Top (Mr Price) | White Jeans (RE: @ Woolworths) | 
Multi-colour Flower Necklace (Mr Price) | Floral Print Bag (Mr Price) | Ring (Sass Diva) | 
Colourful Ring Stack (Mr Price) | Vintage Bracelet | Heels (eBay) 

First OOTD of 2013 & I am super amped to get out many more for you lovelies! I am absolutely in love with this white on white look. Most of the pieces are from Mr Price – I’m sure you noticed lol. I was meant to shoot a look on the weekend but it rained & so my look was delayed, but I think this was worth the wait right? This year I really want to push outfit posts because, essentially that is one of the things many readers have mailed me about. So I am super keen to get my looks out there & to inspire all of you! Also, expect to see some Monochrome Monday posts & The Change Up coming soon to the blog. 2013 is going to be a fun year! Let’s embrace change & strive to  better ourselves in every way.

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