I spent my entire Friday at work unable to concentrate on anything!!! My heart and soul simply were not there. They were at the grand opening of ZARA at Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Durban! So today, I made it my mission to head to the mall and see the store of the brand I am oh so in love with. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. WOW!!! The only sad thing is that I wish I erned more money so that I could buy EVERYTHING!!! lol. I did still manage to make a purchase, an awesome grey t-shirt dress. I cannot wait to wear it 🙂 I can tell you now, this is where my money will be spent from now on!!!

These are some snaps of the interior of the store:

Talk about going GA-GA for GOLD!!!

Do you see the HUGE SMILE I have after making my first ever ZARA purchase?!

Im in a state of absolute BLISS!!!
Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!
Kisses my fashion friends*