After years of seeing ZARA’s fabulous clothing on the Internet, it has finally been confirmed that Zara will be opening a store in South Africa.The location of South Africa’s first Zara store is yet to be confirmed, but it has been said that they will be carrying a collection designed especially for the Southern Hemisphere. And we can expect to be on par with Zara stores in Australia, Brazil and Chile.

I think South Africans will enjoy the exclusivity of the brand, as they only release a limited supply of each garment. This is helpful to any fashionista as it eliminates the chances of someone wearing the same thing as you. What’s most important is that Zara has something for everyone.

Here are some pictures from Zara’s Lookbook.

I love these colourful looks. The blue dress is my fav.

Gotta love colour!

Colourful pants..Yes please!!

Zara Menswear has something for every man.

Loving the skinny trousers.

These pics are from Zara’s Ad Campaign

I love these looks. Tres Fab!!

I love this look on a guy. Very sexy!

Zara kids. So cute & very fashionable.

This is too adorable. I love fashionable kids!!