It’s that time again, & as much as I am dreading winter. It’s inevitable so I’m just going to try my best to enjoy it. Besides, winter in South Africa is like what other countries experience as summer. The trends for this winter are absolutely fabulous. Its sock&heels, boots, textured clothing, & military chic.

And the trends this Winter are as follows ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

Military Chic

This trend is one of my favorites because it is very functional. Military chic consists of army and aviator looks. One of my favorite aspects of this trend is the color. Army green and brown can be very unflattering, however when worn the right way this trend can be effortlessly chic. The aviator jacket is a key item for this winter.


This trend revolves around textured fabrics such as fur or rather faux fur; leather; and lace. These textures can be worn in the form of clothing, bags and even shoes. You take your pick.


Camel is the new black, and Iโ€™m loving it! The camel coat is a staple this winter, so be sure to invest in a good quality piece.

Socks & Heels

This trend makes for a fun flirty look. Personally, I love it. You can pair this trend with skirts, dresses, and even shorts.


This season sees bags in all shapes and sizes. Bags can be everything from traditional schoolboy satchel styles, to ’70s folk inspired, to modern clasp-fronted bags. The primary material here is most definitely leather – with a new found emphasis on styles that can be clutched as well as carried.


The boots for this winter are absolutely fabulous. Expect everything from fur & lace-ups, to thigh-highs, and shearling. If you havenโ€™t seen my previous blog on the Hiking Boot, be sure to do so.


This season sees us keeping our hands warm with the trendiest gloves out there. No matter the length or colour, there is a pair out there for everyone.