One of my earliest childhood memories is me playing with a Barbie doll. This is what inspired me to get into the fashion industry. I remember taking scraps of my Gran’s fabrics and using a hand-needle or pins to make clothing for my dolls.

I have just discovered the Barbie Basics collection. From their name, the dolls are dressed in “basic” clothing that women usually have in their closets. The debut collection featured the most well-known fashion staple: the Little Black Dress or LBD. All the dolls also have differing head molds, skin tones and ethnicities. The dolls are part of the Black Label collection which, unlike some Barbie lines, is for adult collectors only (the minimum age limit is 14). The first collection (Collection 001) featured 12 dolls wearing different little black dresses and 4 accessory packs (which were sold separately).

The second wave of the collection (called Collection 001.5) only featured 4 dolls (though one of them featured a new face sculpt) and wore little black dresses with pink ribbon accents and 2 new accessory packs as well.

The third wave (Collection Red) was a Target store exclusive which featured 3 dolls wearing little red dresses and a new accessory pack.

Collection 002 has debuted for the spring of 2011. In the collection, there are 12 dolls (9 girls and 3 boys) and the theme is ‘jeans and t-shirts’.

 To this day, Mattel is still inspiring me.