I’m starting off 2017 on a positive note with my Beauty DeClutter series. I spent countless hours sifting through all my beauty products. And let me be very clear, I cut lots out of this video just so that it could be under 15 minutes! And yeah I am aware that it only covers lipstick, mascara & primers. At least now you can look forward to the rest of the videos. I am going to try for 1 more video, but realistically it’s going to be 2 more videos.

I feel like I can’t share this video with you all without being very open & honest about this collection of products. Lots of the product  is sent to me by PR/brands. Ask any beauty blogger/influencer, the packages come non stop. Unfortunately, I don’t get to try everything, but what I do try, & want to share with you – I do exactly that through videos, reviews & social media. I also do spend a great deal of my own money on beauty, because I like to try new things. Unfortunately, even there I am very much like a kid who’s “eyes are too big for their stomach”.  I have lots of products that I purchased & didn’t use once. Then there is the product that yes I may have tried, but I didn’t actually like. I don’t have to like everything that I try. And that doesn’t mean that the next person won’t like it.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering where the products are going. Now I have chatted to some beauty bloggers, & many seem to sell the unwanted product. One girl mentioned making over R5000 every few months just from selling her unwanted products. Some people choose to give the product away in giveaways. That’s an absolutely great idea. However, I chose to offer my mom & sister a chance to see if there’s anything they like. They are both very much opposite to me, so most of those products don’t appeal to them. But they did walk away with a few things. The balance of the product is being taken to a women’s shelter by my mom. I’m really glad that women who perhaps aren’t in the best place in life right now, can enjoy these products. I don’t like to speak about what I do for others, but I felt I should put it out there that these products are off my hands & gone to a better home. I have received requests already after some of you saw my Snapchat (brett_robson) & IG Stories (@brettrobson), but that’s not going to happen, & it’s because I have donated them. And also because the admin of having to send these products to dozens of you would be crazy – sorry, just being honest.

Check out the full video below, or watch here. And be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!