Dress (Forever New) | Heels (Zara) | Bag (Blackcherry via Fashion Hub) | Earrings (Call It Spring)

Well, after reading the title of today’s post, you know it’s my birthday. I turn 26 to be exact – but hey, who’s counting right? The plan for my birthday? I will be in Johannesburg in meetings all afternoon. And hopefully I will get to spend some time with a friend I almost never see in the evening.
For me, birthdays are often a time of reflection. I am so grateful for every bit of 2014. I am grateful for you, my readers. I am grateful for the numerous projects I got to work on as a blogger. I am  grateful for the blossoming career before me. And I am especially grateful for those close to me who I can always count on for love & support. And even though I find myself reflecting on all these great things, I am never satisfied. I want more. It’s in my nature. And with wanting more, comes the need for 2015 to be 10x better than 2014 – which it will be. 2015 is the year I get fit. This is now a priority as I find myself getting older & my metabolism slowing down. 2015 will also be the year for more great projects, & especially one that is dear to my heart.
” a whole year more incrediblerer “
I look forward to another brilliant year with all of you. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, & seeing this look. It’s much more glam than I usually am, but it’s my birthday & boy do I love it! Jerome & Tashia (@tashiarajah) had a HUGE part in how this turned out – so thank you to them both!
Not the easiest co-stars when shooting 🙂

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