Black Coat & Mint Top (Brett Robson) | Lasercut Pants (H&M) | Booties (Forever21)

Dressing up in my own merchandise is such a thrill. I really am so proud of the products I have produced. The quality of fabrics I used is really good. And I want you to know that when you purchase my products, you really are investing in something. This Brett Robson Bonded Coat is one of my favourite items, & it’s been a popular piece amongst many people who have made purchases too. I wear this coat more than any other item in my clothing range, which is surprising because it was not my favourite throughout the process of putting this range together. Oh how things change.

With the Brett Robson range, I never claimed to be investing the wheel. I am just doing what I love. Clothing that I love. Clothing that I hope you love too.

Images by Jerome Stoffels Photography

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