The other day I was browsing my favourite blogs, as i usually do. And I came across a great idea from my blogger friend from Singapore, Veena. On her blog Seven-Inch-Stilettos she had a list of her Top 10 things for that day/week/month, and I thought wow, that’s a cool idea. Why not try it too.

I decided to opt for a monthly post on my Top 7 things for that particular month. I chose 7 because my boyfriend thinks its the best number ever. lol. And yes, this is the first of many more posts like these to come 🙂

This is the Top 7 list I will follow each month.
1. New Obsession
2. Fashion/Clothing Brand
3. Style Icon
4. Fashion Blog
5. Lust Item
6. Music Video
7. iPhone/iPod Touch APP

So, are we interested? I think this is going to be fun 🙂 ENJOY!

1. New OBSESSION: IT GIRL Game on Facebook.

I’m not joking when that I stay up until like 4AM playing this game. I’m actually playing right now as I’m blogging. If that’s not obsession then I don’t know what is!

 2. Fashion/Clothing Brand: Chanel

If you know me, or follow this blog, you will know that I love love love the House of Chanel. I have loved this brand since I can remember, and so I couldn’t think of another to be represented in my first Top 7 post.

3. Style Icon: Kim Kardashian

 The recently engaged Kardashian has the most awesome style. I love the way she dresses. She’s not perfect & her choices are not always the best. But I still adore her. Go Kimmie!!!

4. Fashion Blog: 7 Inch Stilettos

I mentioned this blog above, 7 it is definitely a favourite of mine. Veena is only in her teens, & is still in school, but she has a fab blog. Keep up the great work 🙂

5. Lust Item: Christian Louboutin heels

 I would absolutely love to own at least 1 pair of Christian Louboutin heels before I die. I thinks his shoes are to die for. And how awesome is his website!!! Yummy!

6. Music Video: Beyonce – Run the World

 The Queen B is back. Yes, if you have been under a rock & have not heard, Beyonce is releasing a new album. The first song released is Run the World. A tribute to women of course. Great video!

7. iPhone/iPod Touch APP: Stylebook

This App allows you to organise your clothes & plan looks for different occasions. Its really a great tool. All you do id take pictures of your own clothing & organise them into different categories within this app. Very simple. 

So, what did you think? Be sure to leave your comment below. Also, don’t forget to follow via Google connect or Bloglovin’ found on the right sidebar of the blog. xoxo