Dress (Topshop) | Denim shirt (Giordano) | Bag (Blackcherry Handbags @ 36 Boutiques) | Earrings (Sass Diva)

I was treated to dinner at a lovely Tibetan restaurant in Guangzhou by a very handsome Italian guy I met during our stay at the same hotel. I will try most things once, so I was quite eager to taste what Tibetan cuisine is like – and let me tell you it was quite nice. I really enjoyed the meal (Yak meat dish & Coconut rice) & the company of course. Lol I made the poor guy take pictures of me in the rain – now that’s a damn cool dude! It was a lovely change from the Starbucks dinners I have been having every night.  This is just a quick post to share what I wore to dinner. It was pouring with rain so I couldn’t take many pictures, but I quite like the look, & will definitely wear it again & take some proper outfit pictures for you guys.

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