1. Bodysuit (Truworths) | 2. Tee (Mr Price) | 3. Shorts (Mr Price)  | 4.Booties (Legit) | 5. Earrings (Spree)
I’m off to Cape Town next week to enjoy a few days of relaxation , fun & more importantly to see Eminem’s #RaptureTour2014 concert with my dear friend Angelique. I have loved Eminem as a rapper for such a long time that it is literally going to be a dream come true for me. I also think he is such a bad boy – I could totally date him!  
I just cannot even express into words my love & admiration for his music. Talking To Myself featuring Kobe is a song I really hold dear to my heart. During a period in my life when it was pretty shitty, & I was heartbroken & lonely, & I felt like I was a failure, that song, those lyrics…
But instead of feeling sorry for yourself do something about it
Admit you got a problem you brain is clouded you pouted long enough
It isn’t them it’s you you fuckin baby
Quit worrying about what they do and do shady
I’m fucking going crazy

Its those words that I kept hearing that really helped me move forward with my life. I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I made the decision to be the best person I could be. I envisioned what I wanted (for my blog & career) & I went ahead & did what needed to be done to achieve those things. And I have no regrets. My life is not perfect, but I’m in a really good place right now.  I totally just went into such long stories. Hope it’s not TMI for you guys. I just want you to understand how much I adore this man.

Anyway, back to today’s inspiration. I would totally wear each of these looks to a concert. Im not a sneaker fan, but I could wear them. And please don’t be scared by the heels, I chose that particular pair because they have a thick heel which is very comfortable; wedges & flatforms are great too!

1. Top (Stylemology) | 2. Leggings (Mr Price) | Necklace (Spree) | Boot (ZOOM Footwear) 

1. Tank (Spree) | 2. Jeans (LEGIT) | 3. Heels (Mr Price) | 4. Sneaker (Nike) | 5.Bag (Zando) 

1. Top (Woolworths) | 2.Necklace (Spree) | 3.Monowedge (Mr Price) | 4. Skirt (Zando) | 5.Skirt (Iron Fist via Zando)

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