On 20 December I hosted a little get-together for 6 of my blog readers in Durban courtesy of Smirnoff ICE Double Black with Guarana #ExploreTheNight. Today I get to share with you all a few snaps from the #ExploreTheNight Reader Experience.

I hosted the 6 lovely ladies on a catamaran which took us out & around Durban harbour. It was such a beautiful evening & the view of Durban city was spectacular. It was one of those moment where you are almost speechless. We had a lovely evening chatting & laughing & getting to know each other while snacking & drinking of course.

The ladies were chauffeured in the Explore The Night cars which was such a spoil.

I took away a few things from this experience with my readers.
1. I have a very diverse readership
2. It is extremely important that readers see the person behind the blog in a normal setting
3. I want to do this more often so that I can meet all of you!

Thank you so much to Smirnoff SA for sponsoring this great night out, & also to Hashtag for great food, & the awesome crew at Durban Boat Hire, & a HUGE thanks to my special friend & photographer Jerome who captured every moment.

**UPDATE: So I have just heard that the awesome #ExploreTheNight free cabs have been extended until the weekend of 6/7 February.

Here are the links to where you can download the APP & request your FREE Cab on Friday/Saturday 7pm-2am

iOS: http://bit.ly/ETNiOS
Android: http://bit.ly/ETNAndroid

**Please note this post is sponsored.

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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