I am a huge lover of leggings. And as much as my better half dislikes them, they’re still a staple in my wardrobe. Leggings do more than just provide some much needed coverage under a super-short skirt, but they also provide tummy control (which some may need, and others don’t). But for me, what’s best and most important about leggings is that they are comfortable.

Now that I have confessed my undying love for leggings, I’m going to tell you my pet-peeve when it comes to ladies and leggings : They don’t wear the right top/shirt with them! Ladies, no matter how fabulous they are, they aren’t pants, which means you have to be careful of your shirt length.

I am going to give you a few tips I hope will help.

1. Cover your butt.
When wearing leggings, you want to make sure all your bits are covered. Leggings are so super-fitted that if you wear a shorter top, you could look a little over exposed. However, don’t wear a shirt that looks like a maxi dress over your leggings. Your shirt length should be below your butt, but still above the knee.

If you want to look more casual, opt for an over sized ‘boyfriend-inspired’ T. The great thing about an over sized T is that they’re long, roomy, and just as comfy as the leggings. You don’t want to wear a regular T-shirt with leggings. Add heels  if you want to dress up the look.

3. Tunics are fab
I love wearing tunics with leggings. It really looks great. What’s especially nice about a tunic is that they are often a bit longer, and more roomier than regular shirts or tops. And what’s even better is that the volume at the top balances out the fitted leggings at the bottom, so you will look balanced.

4. Blouses are dressy
Leggings are casual, are by all means cannot be worn everywhere. However, you can still dress them up so that they are appropriate for some outings. Adding a blouse will take your look up a notch. Try a white cotton blouse, or a more luxurious silk blouse. And don’t forget a great pair of heels.