Seeing Lady Gaga live was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!!! What a performer!? There was so much hype around her coming to South Africa, and controversy too. There were people calling her satanic; protesting against her visiting our beautiful country, claiming that she could brainwash us. HAHAHAHA silly, bored people.
Unfortunately for me, Lady Gaga didn’t perform in my city, so I had to travel to Johannesburg to see her. It actually turned out to be quite a fun experience. Lol. Being the somewhat anti-social creature that I am, I quite like the idea that I’m not going to see anyone I might know. And I actually didn’t.
Gaga’s little monsters, including myself really had fun with out costumes. I saw some awesome looks, & I know lots of people loved my look too – people stared & asked to take my picture enough to convince me of that. I had originally wanted to wear the Yellow all-in-one with Mickey heads on it from the Paparazzi music video, but Ive been crazy busy of late, and so had to make the top I’m wearing very last minute. I think it turned out ok. What do you think?

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