Bandeau bikini (Roxstar Bikini)
My OBSSESSION for all thing American continues!!! And this time, it’s Roxstar Bikini that is feeding the flame! I absolutely love this bandeau bikini that Roxstar sent me. It’s sexy & Americana inspired! That’s perfection 🙂  To get your hands on this bikini or to find out more about Roxstar, go herePS. Delivery is FREE

So there I sat, paging through New Shoes by Sue Huey & Rebecca Proctor listening to Lana Del Rey. Could this day be more perfect?! My favorites, National Anthem & American were on the playlist. I swear I could live in the USA. Really. I could. OBSSESSED!

I’m your National Anthem
God, you’re so handsome
Take me to the Hamptons
Bugatti Veyron

Be young, be dope, be proud
Like an American

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