WoW this has been a crazy few weeks! Exhausted does not begin to explain. I do promise to post some awesome posts this coming week. Im really excited that Fashion by Brett Robson has reached over 70 000 pageviews 🙂 We are actually about 500 away from 73 000!!!! Im all smiles about that. Thank you all so much for visiting the blog, it is appreciated, and to show my appreciation, Iv been trying to think of something exciting to do for when we reach 77 000 pageviews. Any ideas? Do drop me an email or comment below.

Ok so back to today’s topic..ME!!! I’ve really been loving myself of late, and not in a vain look at me sort of way, but in way where I am truly exploring other sides of myself and trying different things. Everything from brightly coloured lipsticks to headscarves. Its awesome!!! Here are a few pictures of me having alil fun. What do you think?