Tropical crop top + Kaftan (Topshop) | Sandals (Steve Madden) | Sunglasses (Levi’s Eyewear) | Bag (H&M) | Earrings (Legit) |
Faux septum ring (River Island) | Flash tattoos (Boho Marks via Sassychic)

Summer is here. And many of you have already attended a music festival or two or more this year, but it’s still very much festival-season, so today I am bringing you a little inspiration should you decide to attend a music festival or attend a beach party this summer.

When I initially starting creating this look, I had one thing in mind: What would I wear to Coachella? Now, if you follow me on social media (you should & if you don’t – details are below) you will know how I have the HUGEST FOMO every year during Coachella.  It is the ultimate music festival. I dream of one day attending – before I’m 30 lol. I have to. Bucket list.

This look completely embodies my inner Coachella-babe. It’s fun & carefree but still a little sexy & edgy. I started with the sandals. Yes, they are AMAZING. And yes, these will be my go-to-flats this summer. This is the perfect sandal for me. I don’t like sandals that go through the toes, & it has gold details. And it’s black – I will be able to wear it with everything! And that is exactly why I chose them for today’s festival inspired look. Once I had the perfect sandal, my next step was adding pieces like this gorgeous kaftan I picked up from Topshop in Soho NYC. I have honestly been DYING to wear this since I bought it, but haven’t had the chance.  Now, I didn’t want to wear a bikini under – even though swimwear is festival appropriate. I think that would’ve been boring of me. So I decided on my favourite denim cut-offs & a tropical printed crop top instead. Side note – tropical prints are big this summer in case you didn’t know 🙂 After the clothing & shoes were sorted, everything else pretty much fell into place. My Boho Marks were the perfect addition here, & the septum ring too, although my 3 year old niece is not a fan of it lol.

I feel really good about the content Jerome & I created here in this post. I feel inspired by simply looking at these images, & I hope you find it inspiring too. I hope I inspire your festival-style, whether it’s today, tomorrow or a year from now, I believe this could be the look for you.

What do you think?

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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