Since having my iPOD Touch lost to me forever – I felt a huge void in my life. No I am not being dramatic!! I seriously was extremely sad about it for a long time. One of the things I missed most about it was the Instagram App. Instagram is a fun way to edit & share your photos. I love it.

Well…now that I have my iPhone4s 🙂 I am loving having Instagram back. So I thought I would share my favourite photographs from the week.

Monday: Monochrome Monday photo edit

Tuesday: My gorgeous niece – she loves the camera!
Wednesday: Me @work

Thursday: New Shoes!!!!

Friday: Simpsons fashion inspiration!

Saturday: Me & my bestie Lisa @ the Vodacom Durban July in the Miller Marquee

Sunday: My 100th instagram photo. Fav PJs & Uggs.

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Happy Sunday to you all!!