Men’s Tank (YDE) | White Jeans (RE: @ Woolworths) | Black Belt (Mr Price) | Earrings (Sass Diva) | Wedges (H&M)

I’m starting February’s outfits with a Monochrome Monday post – I love Black & often wear black on Valentines Day so it seems perfectly appropriate. Right?  Most people say February is the month of LOVE, but I say February is the month of Outfit Posts. Yes I said it! I am going to be posting an outfit everyday this week & next week too! Exciting stuff! Enjoy! 
New York has got to be the #1 destination in the world that I would like to visit. That little fact makes me love this tank more. But most importantly it’s because I love the fit of a men’s tank. And while I don’t have a significant other to “borrow” clothes from, I do often find myself in the men’s department of stores.

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