Kimono & Bag (Jet) | Blouse (H&M) | Denim skirt (Bershka) | Lace up pumps (RUBI @ Cotton On) | Sunglasses (Chloe via Moscon Optics)

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with this printed kimono from Jet. I have honestly been wearing it so often that it’s become a staple in my closet. What I love most about this Kimono is that it is the perfect length. I love that it is long, but not floor length. Also, as my friend Prince says “How Versace is that print?” lol.

I have been so busy working on my summer ranges for Shop Brett Robson that it’s taken up most of my time. However, we are finalised with everything from a styling perspective, so I am finally getting a break. Although I have already started working on Winter 2016. Crazy right? I haven’t even launched my Summer pieces & I am already planning Winter. Well, that’s how this fashion business works.

I am actually launching a few basics in the next week or so. As soon as it is online, I will let you guys know. I am still going to be stocking my online shop Shop Brett Robson, as well as Zando. Doing this has been the biggest learning curve of my life. I am honestly learning every day. There are challenges on a daily basis, but you have to power through. Because your dreams won’t come true, if you don’t work to make them happen.

Images by Jerome Stoffels Photography

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