So I have been browsing through my copy of “The One Hundred” and it’s been frustrating because I haven’t actually read for no.1 you know. It’s bits & bobs, which is ok, but really doesn’t help my goal to blog about the book & let you know what Nina Garcia’s top 100 items every stylish women should own are.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that I am finally getting a chance to go from no.1. I am going to go through items as in the book, alphabetically + numbered. Today I will take you through A, items 1-2. Here goes!!!

Every stylish woman must own the following items…

#1. A-Line Dress

In case you didn’t know, an A-line dress is a dress that is “narrower at the top, & flares out gently towards the bottom” . Yes, it totally resembles the letter A..duh that’s where it gets its name from.

I totally agree with Nina on this one. Every woman should have an A-line dress. As Nina says, you’ll look good on your best days, and just as good on your worst days. We all have days where we don’t feel our best, and this is the dress that’ll lie to the world! And as Nina says, black is best! It’s classic and timeless. Wear your A-line all year round. In summer pair it up with sandals or a pair of pumps. And in Winter, you can wear knee high boots and tights. Sounds good, right?

Ok, so now that I’ve sold you on the A-Line Dress, guess what, I don’t own one. Yes its true. But I am definitely going out and getting one. I’ve always like them, but never actually purchased one. I will post some pics of me in my A-line when I find the right one for me.

I love Blake Lively in this Michael Kors A-Line.

#2. Animal Print

I love me some animal print. It’s always a nice addition to most looks. Adds alil fun to everything – in my opinion lol. According to Nina, an animal print accessory is an opportunity to be daring, but a full on leopard print dress says Im a force to be reckoned with. Agree? I do. Wearing an accessory is a little wild, but wearing a dress or even a jacket is a whole different ball game. Its more daring, dangerous, sexy even. But just remember to keep it simple. The last thing you want to do is wear leopard from head-to-toe. Not cool. Pair your print with neutrals like black, white, camel, khaki etc. You’ll look chic and absolutely fabulous!!

Ok so we know I love animal prints. So you must know that I own multiple animal print items. I have everything: a dress, a skirt, a clutch, a scarf, shoes etc. But don’t worry, I never wear them together.

Be on the look out for my next post on items every stylish woman should own.
Hope you have enjoyed the first installment.