So the countdown continues. Today I take you through items 14 – 18 in Nina Garcia’s The ONE Hundred, A guide to the pieces every stylish women must own.

So here goes!

#14 Cable-Knit Sweater

When I first saw this one, I asked myself the question, “What is a cable-knit sweater?” Do you know what it is? What does it look like? Well, apparently this is also known as a “fisherman’s sweater”. Once I proceeded to Google what this item was, I realised that I knew exactly what it was; I just didn’t know the correct name for it. I don’t own one, but I should- right? Winter is coming in here in South Africa & I’ll be making a purchase soon.

According to Nina there are many versions, and it is best to find the version that best suits your personal style. But no matter what you choose, this will remain a staple in your closet forever.

Nina suggests wearing your cable-knit with a skinny or cigarette-leg pant to even out the volume on top.

#15 Caftan

YES YES YES we love this item on the list!!! I love the caftan. Here in South Africa we spell it with a ‘K’, but that’s just technicalities. Lol. I love the idea of wearing a caftan over a sexy bikini, with a pair of flip-flops. Chic right? The caftan can be traced back to the 14th century in Far-Eastern countries. The Caftan is also known as a Tunic or a Djellaba.

I figure that no matter whether you choose a Eastern, exotic version, or a simple, modernised version – You WILL look fabulous!!!

#16 Camel Coat

Pour moi, the Camel Coat oozes luxury. I love, but I could never own one. Here in South Africa, it just doesn’t get that cold; it simply does not seem like a worthwhile investment to make. According to Nina, a true classic camel coat is golden tan with red to light brown undertones.

Nina suggests Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, or Michael Kors for great options.

Love this Michael Kors camel coat.

#17 Cape

Like most people, I too think of superheroes when I hear the word ‘CAPE’. But according to Nina, the cape is not only practical, but elegant & mysterious too. I own a lovely black&white stripe cape. Very cute if i don’t say so myself.

Nina suggests keeping everything else on the body tight when wearing a cape.

This cape is by ONE BY DISTRICT. LOVE!!!

#18 Cashmere Sweater

Just typing out the word ‘cashmere’ and I immediately think ‘money’ & ‘luxury’. Women starting wearing cashmere in 1937. And today, the cashmere sweater can be seen in many versions: Crewneck, V-Neck, Turtleneck etc. And women love options right?!

According to Nina, a good quality cashmere sweater will cost you at least $200. Also, if you’re looking for a summer-weight, find a cashmere blend with silk.

Love this chain-detail Michael Kors sweater.
So how are you doing with your list so far? Have you made any purchases based on the list? Let me know soon!!!