Ladies, if you haven’t been taking notes, I suggest you start. This list is going to change the way you think about style, and more importantly, it will change how you shop. Today, I will be finishing off A on our list, with items 3-4. Here goes!!!
Every stylish woman MUST own the following items…
#3 Ankle Bootie
A bit of history dear friends: the bootie was first worn with skirts & dresses when designers paraded them down the runways in the 80’s. Interesting fact. Yes. Especially if you are like me, who thought that’s they way it’s always been done. lol. Well, according to Nina, if you decide to pair your bootie with pants, be sure to keep the colour of your pants & bootie the same. However, if you decide to opt for a miniskirt-bootie combo, your best bet is to wear opaque tights. Couldn’t agree more.
I don’t own a bootie, yet. I’ve always opted for pumps, but I see now that this could be a great alternative. Also, as Nina says, it’s a good way to mix masculine & feminine elements; which is something I never do. So this should really be interesting to try.
This YSL lambskin bootie is very sexy!!

#4 Aviators

Couldn’t agree more with Nina on this one. I think aviators are hottt!!! And more importantly, they look good on most people. I too think of Kate Hudson in the movie Almost Famous when I see a great pair of aviator sunglasses. Or better yet, yummy Leonardo Di Caprio in The Aviator. As Nina says, these sunglasses really do bring out the cool factor in everyone. I think that no matter what you’re wearing, if you put on a pair of aviators you just look so effortlessly cool. I have a super cute silver pair, but I think I should invest in a gold/brown pair too. It just seems that much more classic.

Nina’s tips for buying a pair of aviator sunglasses:
-Try a vintage version, the more history the better.
-Go for a pair with rims that are a matte tone of gold or silver.

Love this classic Ray Ban aviator. Fab!!!

Hope you have enjoyed this installment of my countdown of Nina Garcia’s The ONE Hundred.