YaY so we’ve finally made it to the next letter in Nina Garcia’s “The ONE Hundred” … ‘B’. I will be taking through items 5 to 9, & first up is number 5 on the list, Ballet Flats.

#5 Ballet Flats

The first image that pops in my head when I hear the words “ballet flats” is a picture of a woman looking absolutely chic in a men’s white shirt, black cigarette leg pants, and her simple black ballet flats. C’est chic non? For me it simply screams effortless glamour. Agree?

According to Nina Garcia, if you are looking to buy a great high-end pair, try Chanel or Lanvin. And if you’re like me, and can’t afford that, try H&M, Tory Burch, J.Crew, or GAP.

This is another item that I already own, so it can be checked off my list. How about you?

Love these simple black Chanel ballet flats.

#6 Bangles

I’ll admit, I almost never wear bangles. It’s just one of those things I do actually own, but never wear. But if Nina Garcia says I should be accessorising with more than just earrings & necklaces, well then I’m going to be starting very soon. I actually think I could work it quite nicely. Whether it be fun, colourful & plastic; or a pile of gold wrist armour; or even the cool ethnic styles, I’ll find the style that suits me best. Or maybe I’ll just play around I find a few different styles to suit the different looks I put together.

Do you wear bangles? And more importantly, can you cross this off your list?

Hermes enamel bangles. Love!

#7 Belts

According to Nina, the belt is the most over-looked accessory. And I have to agree. We simply don’t appreciate what a belt can do for most looks. A belt can make you look slimmer; accentuate your womanly curves; or even add a bit of drama or bling to an outfit.

I don’t own many belts, and I certainly do not own a variety of styles, but I recently realised that I have to invest in a few more. Nina suggests buying a belt from designer brands, especially if you can’t necessarily afford to purchase a garment from them. I think that’s a fabulous idea. I want a Chanel belt like now.

Love the white vs brown on this Tory Burch belt.
#8 Bikini

In case you didn’t know, swimwear is something I am absolutely passionate about. I see myself as a fabulous swimwear designer in the next 5-10 years. So this particular item is super exciting for me.

So, Nina Garcia’s #1 tip for wearing a bikini is CONFIDENCE. And I couldn’t agree more. I love going to the beach & seeing all types of women wearing their bikinis proudly. Nina’s tips for purchasing your bathing suit is to stick to solid colours like black, white, navy, grey, chocolate brown etc. “Leave the patterns & crazy colours to the 15 year olds” hahaha. I think this is true, but I also think that if you are under 30, there’s nothing wrong with following the swimwear trends. But at the same time, if you want a swimsuit you can wear every summer, well then a solid colour, simple style bikini is your best option. I love Mara Hoffman for printed swimwear. She has such a unique way of putting her patterns together, and her design style is amazing. Another swimwear designer I admire is Rosa Cha. I love love love her work.

Most women own a bikini but do you? I certainly own a few, so this is another item I can tick off my list.

I love Mara Hoffman’s printed bikinis.

Rosa Cha really knows how to make women look fabulous!

#9 Blackberry

This item is something I am quite vocal about. I HATE BLACKBERRY PHONES. Like seriously!!! I think what I don’t like is the concept of notifications & bbm etc. I don’t really enjoy communicating with people like that. And to make it worse, most of the people I know own a Blackberry, and have experienced numerous problems with them.

Nina’s FUN FACT regarding Blackberry: In 2006 the term CRACKBERRY became so popular that it made it into Webster’s Dictionary. Lol Crackberry!!! Hehehe

So, even though Nina Garcia says I have to have this item… I will not. I simply cannot bring myself to conform.

I really hope that you are enjoying my thoughts on Nina Garcia’s THE ONE HUNDRED. I understand that we may not all agree, but it is always fun to hear what someone else has to say. Please be sure to catch my next installment of this series of posts.