I am very excited to be FINALLY sharing this post with you all. The topic of How To Shop Public Desire has been one I have been asked about through countless social media comments & emails. I have now placed 3 orders via Public Desire. Below you will find all the info on my orders. I have included the dates & values so that you can get some sort of idea of what it would be like if you were ordering. If you haven’t watched the video as yet, I suggest you do, because there is more info in there, & I also talk-through each order. And the best part is that I actually unbox my 3rd order on camera. Nothing beats the excitement of new shoes right?

TIPS for How To Shop Public Desire:

  1. Buy TRUE TO SIZE. In my experience, because UK sizing is the same as SA sizing, I always buy shoes that are my exact size. I am a size 5 normally & all 5 pairs of shoes I purchased from PD are size 5 & fit perfectly.
  2. Use DISCOUNT CODES. Using a discount code when ordering from PD can really help you save $$$ off your purchase. I have ordered 3 times now, & on each order I have saved. Savings range from £4-£14. I suggest you follow the Public Desire Instagram account because this is where they often advertise promo codes.
  3. SIGN UP for the Newsletter. If you sign up for their newsletter you will have access to some exclusive sales & promotions.
  4. SIGN UP for an Account on PD. Signing up for an account will make sure you are able to track your order history & also earn point. These points can be used to get $$$ off your future orders.

 Order 1: Beige Faux Suede Creepers

Date order placed: 29 April 2016

Order Value Breakdown: (Total £34.98 / R756.53)

Creepers £ 24.99

International Shipping £12.99

Discount £3.00


Date Received: 21 June 2016

Customs Tax: R154.67


Order 2: Perspex Heels & Black High Heel Mules

Date order placed: 3 July2016

Order Value Breakdown: (Total £60.97 / R1225.68)

Perspex Heels £29.99

Black High Heel Mules £29.99

International Shipping £12.99

Discount £12.00


Date Received: (Black Mules ONLY) 22 July 2016

Customs Tax: R185.99

Date Received: (PRE-ORDER Perspex Heels) Late August

Customs Tax: R184.00


Order 3: Crushed Velvet Lace-Up Ankle Boots & Black Faux Fur Sole Barely There Heels

Date order placed: 30 October 2016

Order Value Breakdown: (Total £68.97 / R1200.72)

Crushed Velvet Ankle Boots £39.99

Black Faux Fur Sole Heels £29.99

International Shipping £12.99

Discount £14.00


Date Received: 19 January 2017

Customs Tax: R205.44


Thanks for reading this. I hope it has been helpful! If you’ve ordered from Public Desire, be sure to leave a comment with your experience below.