If you are like me and love wearing leggings. It is important to find new and different ways to wear them. I love wearing my leggings with boots. But which boots work, and which don’t?

Ankle Boots
This is a tricky one. But if you follow a few rules, you’ll be fine. First, match your boots to the colour of your leggings. Please don’t wear purple leggings & white ankle boots. That’s ridiculous. you will look like a clown. Black on black always looks good. Also, make sure your leggings go all the way into the boot without leaving any skin showing.

Calf Boots
I am not the fan of those calf boots that fit snugly on the calf, but I do love the cowgirl boots, or a flat boho kind of calf boot. Anyway, I think these are perfect to wear with leggings. Go for flats, heels or wedges. It will all look great.

Knee-High Boots
Knee-high boots are playful but still serious enough to be worn to both the mall or the club. An important factor is make sure your leggings match your boots. If you’re short, and they don’t match; it could make you look even shorter. Flat riding boots look great if you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself.

Thigh-High Boots
The thing about thigh-high boots is that they come in varying lengths above the knee. It  can reach anywhere from just above the knee, to all the way up the thigh. When choosing what length works for you, you have to know where you’ll be wearing them. Shorter thigh-highs make for a sexy but still appropriate daytime look, while higher boots will look a lot more suggestive. Also, depending on the top you are wearing at the time, you might not even be able to see the leggings, which in that case you may want to rather opt for a shorter thigh-high.
Hope this was helpful 🙂