The Urban Decay ALL NIGHTER family has expanded, with the addition of a brand spanking new, waterproof, full coverage concealer.  My love affair with the Urban Decay brand started a few years ago, with the Urban Decay All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray (R460 – BUY HERE). This product is a cult favourite. And when I first travelled overseas for work, it was one of the first make-up items I bought from Sephora. Now, we have Urban Decay on our shores & they are expanding into new retail space with the launch on an Urban Decay online store, as well as launching new stores. Exciting times ahead for the brand. The reason we flew to London for one night with the brand, was to put the All Nighter concealer to the test! And boy did we do that. You can find out more about our trip by reading here, or watching my VLOG here.

What the brand says…

The Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer is a waterproof, full coverage concealer that comes in 14 shades. The finish is matte, & the formula is said to control shine & mask imperfection for 24 hours. The formula is said to be ultra-pigmented & blendable.

What I think…

As someone who has been a loyalist towards the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, I can honestly say I love the All Nighter Concealer just a little more. You see, these two concealers serve different purposes. The Naked Skin Concealer (Med Light Neutral) has a considerable amount less coverage than the All Nighter Concealer. The truth is, as much as I am a big fan of the Naked Skin Concealer, I am a bigger fan full coverage make-up looks. And to be fair, I would rate the All Nighter Concealer a 9/10 in terms of pigmentation & coverage.

The packaging is absolutely stunning, & matches the All Nighter Foundation packaging. It is sleek, but edgy with the cut-out cage vibe. I love the wand applicator.  The wand pulls the right amount of product out for you; and a little goes a long way. Out of habit for the way I use other concealers, I dipped the wand it 2 or 3 times when I first tried the concealer out, but I have since realised this is too much. You can get flawless coverage by just dipping in once.

The All Nighter Concealer comes in 14 shades, which I feel could be better. Even though the 14 shades go from light to deep, there are more shades & undertones which could be launched in between. I wouldn’t be surprised if the brand already has more shades in the works. Personally I used shade Medium Neutral on my face. This shade works to do a slight highlight under my eyes, as well as conceal. However, I do feel I could like I use a shade lighter to highlight the way I would normally do so. I prefer it to be nice & bright.

And does the All Nighter Concealer last all night? Well, hopefully you’ve seen my VLOG by now, so you will know what we got up to in London with Urban Decay. I applied my make-up around midday if my memory serves me correct. The application of the product went well. I used my beauty blender to blend into my skin, & boy did it look flawless! I did use more product than I should have lol. But I realised that less is more later. The concealer is fast drying, so I suggest working with one section at a time. And once it sets – that’s it! It’s really not going anywhere. But we like that right?! At the end of my night, around 1am, my make-up still looked flawless. This concealer definitely has my stamp of approval!

RSP: R395.00 (Available in store now)

Shades (top to bottom): Medium Neutral / Medium-Dark Neutral / Medium-Dark Warm

Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer swatches