Finally! I am posting some random snaps from instagram & camera from my last trip to China/Hong Kong. I will be posting the much requested post about my job later this week as well, but just wanted to share some of these pictures as well. 
I’ve been to China a few times now, & I feel like every time I travel there I experience it very differently – even though I pretty much visit the same places. On this trip I got to spend a bit of time in Yiwu at the most amazing accessory market you have ever seen! Those parts of mainland China are so different to anything you will ever see in South Africa, it’s amazing & full of culture. The Chinese are full of culture & tradition. It’s so funny, if you follow me on Instagram you will know how obssessed I was with my flower crowns. Well, the people in China believe that someone is going to die if you wear white/black flowers – & here I was walking around making a fashion statement. I got lots of stares (not unusual as I look very different to them) & my supplier (in China) got many questions! lol

In the market with my supplier & customer (aka the buyer – Cheryl)

After a day in the market this is such a treat!

Beijing Lu

Dinner vibes.

 I am clearly very OBSSESSED with my Mr Price Quirky Stylista jeans lol!

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