Today, I’m off to China for business, & I thought it would be great to share my travel friendly make-up & skincare products with you all. I travel quite a lot for business throughout each year, & have become somewhat of a pro when it comes to the products I pack. In 2017 alone, I have been to New York once; Dubai once; London twice; & I’m off to China for the third time tomorrow. And this is probably not going to be my last trip abroad for 2017 either.

When I pack for any international trip, I pack based on practicality. This is obviously minus my lipstick collection; I pack about 10 lipsticks in my bag at any given time. A girl has moods & she likes to be prepared! Lol.  When it comes to the rest of my products, I like to pack minimal items. I also opt for items that are ‘travel friendly’ in the sense that they won’t break or spill everywhere. I once had a foundation bottle explode in my make-up bag, & it was a nightmare to clean up. Tube / plastic packaging & also solid products are ideal for travel. I do also carry some items that are packed in glass bottles, but for the most part it’s plastic plastic plastic.

Keep reading through my gallery below to see why I have packed each of these products in my bag, & don’t forget to check out the VLOG from my last trip to China. What are you MUST-HAVE travel beauty items?